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    appbuilda test

    By user on 26/06/2014

  • appbuilda_iphone

    Your content, your app

    By user on 18/03/2013

    You choose what goes into your AppBuilda App. You can use your branding, your copy and even your images,...

  • appbuilda_webintegrate[1]

    Works with your site (or without)

    By user on 17/03/2013

    We can help you connect your existing website to your AppBuilda App so your content is automatically published to...

  • appbuilda_events

    Personalised itineraries

    By user on 16/03/2013

    Users can bookmark AppBuilda events to create their own personal itinerary

  • app-themer-section-6[1]

    Quick to update

    By user on 15/03/2013

    Changes are updated in the app within seconds. Perfect for newsflashes, travel updates or simply keeping your information fresh!

  • appbuilda_gps

    GPS maps

    By user on 14/03/2013

    Maps are built into the app, so finding locations is easy. Events can be shown on a map allowing...

  • appbuilda_eco


    By user on 13/03/2013

    Save money and trees by replacing leaflets, brochures, guides and booklets with an app. Not only will you be...