AppBuilda is an exciting,
easy way to build an App

Once you've published your first piece of App content and seen it on your phone you'll see just how easy it is.


Key Features


Add anything to your App

It's easy to add your content, your branding, your events your galleries. What you add is only limited by your resources.


Works with your website

We can help you connect your existing website to your AppBuilda App so your content is automatically published to your app as well. (If you don’t have your own website, we can help you with that too).


Instant publishing

You can publish to your AppBuilda App instantly. No delays. Even after you've submitted it to Apple or Google.

Multi-platform Ready.


AppBuilda apps work just as well on phones as they do on tablets.

Whether you're publishing to Apple iPhone, iPod or iPad AppBuilda works. Similarly, if you're publishing to Google Android your app will work on all phones and tablets.

All you have to do is add your content.





GPS ready

AppBuilda automatically delivers localised content, so you can deliver targeted information to your users.

Create Menus

Create menu pages within your App to list any number of products, events or galleries.

Customise as much as you like

Your App is yours to make what you want. You can make every page look different, or just keep it simple.


5 free content types

You can add information, events, galleries, media and a profile at no cost to you.

Unlimited Galleries

You can display as many galleries as you like - whether it's a photography portfolio or a list of products.

Add media

Add media files - either by uploading them to the app or by linking out to them on your website, you tube or sound cloud.


Help content included

Whilst you're building your App you can include test content in your App to help you.

Colour Scheme

Change the colour scheme to one that you like or choose your own.

Simple design

All the AppBuilda pages follow a standard template. If you want to change this template you can - get in touch with the AppBuilda team.


Unlimited text pages

You can add any number of help pages, support information, content articles,

Simple navigation

AppBuilda apps automatically build the navigation for you - but you can tag content your way too.

Build and Edit online

As long as you can connect to the internet, you can publish to AppBuilda from any device - tablet, phone or PC.



Free to build

AppBuilda is free to build and quick to get started on your phone. Simply sign-up, create your App in seconds and you can be publishing in just a few minutes straight to your phone or tablet.