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How do I download Appbuilda?

[blockquote]Go to the App Store on your iPhone or iPad and search for 'AppBuilda' then simply click 'install'.[/blockquote]

Is Appbuilda available on Android?

[blockquote]No not currently, but it's only a few weeks away.[/blockquote]

Is Appbuilda available as a Mac App?

[blockquote]No, Appbuilda is not currently available as a Mac App, just as an iPhone app.[/blockquote]

Where do I enter my appcode?

[blockquote]In your downloaded Appbuilda app click on the more tab, then click on Appbuilda settings where you can add your code. Click here for more on adding your AppCode.[/blockquote]


How do I add content to my app?

[blockquote]In your 'my account' page you will see a list of green buttons. To add content, click one and fill in the form.. The content you added into the form will then be shown in your app.[/blockquote]

How do I edit my app content?

[blockquote]On your 'My account' page you will see a list of purple buttons, simply click on one and you will see a list of editable content. Which you can then click on and edit.[/blockquote]

How do I link pages within my Appbuilda app?

[blockquote]To add in app links you need to find the content you want to link to and copy the key(which is shown on the edit table list) into the in app link field.[/blockquote]

What is the content shown on the activities tab on my app?

[blockquote]This content is the 'tags' that you have labeled your added content with. Please note you dont need to tag a piece of content as its content type, for example dont tag your event content as 'event' as you will then have multiple entries in your activities app area with the title 'event'.[/blockquote]

There is test content showing on my app, how do I remove this?

[blockquote]You can remove test content on your app by navigating to the 'my app' page on your 'my account page'. Once on your 'my app' page you then switch the 'include test content' area to 'No'.[/blockquote]

Can we use AppBuilda with our current website content?

[blockquote]If you already have a website with content in it, it's possible to get your website to publish into the app directly. If you want you can also publish content to your app through the AppBuilda website and mix it with the content from your website seamlessly. For more about publishing from your website please contact the AppBuilda team.[/blockquote]


Why is my content not being shown?

[blockquote]Your Appbuilda app requires two pieces of content per content type to be shown on the highlights page. Check the 'Activities' tab to see if you can see it there. If not, make sure your content is set to 'Show in App'.[/blockquote]

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