Help guides and troubleshooting

If you're looking for help or assistance with either the AppBuilda website or any AppBuilda app then we have a few options for you:

  1. Help guides - how to guides
  2. Troubleshooting - if something isn't working right
  3. FAQs - Frequently asked questions

If you can't find a solution in the options above, then you can also get in touch with the AppBuilda team through our contact AppBuilda page.

1. Help guides - how to guides

The AppBuilda website is a way of building your App. As you go along you can preview your App by adding your AppCode into the AppBuilda App on your phone.

The AppBuilda App can show the content you publish so that you can get an idea of what your App will look like. Once you are familiar with the publishing process or happy with your content, you can then submit your App to Apple or Google from your My App page.

Help guide examples:

See the AppBuilda help guides

2. Troubleshooting

Building an App can be complicated sometimes, but the chances are if you're having trouble that someone else has been there before and we've got a solution.


3. Frequently asked questions

If you're new to AppBuilda or want to familiarise yourself with some of the common questions raised, check out our Frequently asked questions section.

Frequently asked questions