Add or remove test content

Add or remove test content
Add or remove test content

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This guide explains the use of test content in the AppBuilda App, both as a way for you to learn how to publish and as tools within your App.

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Add or remove test content

By default, when you create an App, there is some test content in your App. This is there to help you build your App, but you can remove it whenever you like.

This guide both explains how to test publishing content to your App and also how to switch your test feed on and off.


Testing your App

Step 1: How to add and remove your test feed

Your App contains test information by default. These are the coloured buttons you first see when you download AppBuilda that give help and advice. A version of this content is included in your App.

If you want to switch it on or off, visit your 'Edit content' page on Navigate to this page and under where it says 'Test Content' you can click 'No' to remove your test content, or 'Yes' to include it.

Once you've done this you will then need to open your AppBuilda App on your phone with your App code installed and hit the 'Refresh' link in the more section.

If you don't know where that is, open up AppBuilda on your phone, click the 'More' button at the bottom left of your screen, then you'll see the AppBuilda settings where you can enter your App code or the 'Refresh' link to 'Refresh' your content.


My content page

Step 1: Adding your own test content

It's more than likely that you'll want to publish some practice content to you AppBuilda App. You can publish whatever you like to AppBuilda - but it will only show in your App if you want it to.

When you publish any content there's an option to 'Show in App'. If this is set to 'No' it won't show in your App. You will however, still be able to see it in your content preview.

To see your content preview, click on the title of your content on your 'My content' page.


My content page

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