Refresh your App Content

Refresh your App Content
Refresh your App Content

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This guide shows you how to refresh your AppBuilda content in your App.

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Refresh your App Content

If you've added new content or changed the test content of your App it might help to Refresh your App. This happens every time you first open it on your phone anyway, but sometimes you might just need to get a refresh!


Can i get a refresh?

Step 1: Yes you can

To refresh your content in your App you first need to open your App and go to the 'More' tab. This is in the bottom right corner of the AppBuilda App.

Step 1: Hit Refresh!

Once you're on the more page, click 'Refresh'. This will ask your AppBuilda preview app to get all the latest content from your feed.

Step 3: Watch the refresh

If you look in the top right of your phone after the refresh, you'll see an icon moving showing the refresh is happening. Look out for this.

Once that has stopped, your content will then be refreshed. Click back into the other tabs to see your refreshed content.

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This Help information was written by App Builda Admin

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